Friday, April 13, 2012

Bid4Assets Customer Service: Top 10 FAQs

    ·         How do I register on Bid4Assets?

o    In order to participate in any Bid4Assets auctions, you must first sign up on our site. You only need to register one time on Bid4Assets
o    Check your email inbox for the Bid4Assets Registration Confirmation message and click “activate your account” or paste the link into your browser. This will direct you to the Bid4Assets homepage
o    Finally, sign in to your account to begin bidding on property

o    Still having trouble with registration? Check out our video tutorial on How to Register on Bid4Assets

·         How do I place a bid on an auction?

o    Once you’ve registered, login to your account and navigate to an auction page
o    Enter your desired bid amount in the yellow box titled Place Your Bid and click “Bid on this item”
o    Confirm that you have reviewed the asset details and agree to our Terms of Service and non-performing bidder policy
o    Finally, enter your credit card information, your Bid4Assets password and click “Bid Now” to submit your bid
o    County Tax Sales and Department of the Treasury auctions may require a deposit to be submitted prior to bidding

·         How do I submit a deposit to bid on a Government Auction?

o    Login to your account, navigate to the auction page, and click on “Click Here for Deposit Instructions”
o    Follow the step by step instructions which include choosing your preferred deposit method (Certified Check/Money Order or Wire Transfer), reading the County Tax Sale Terms of Service document, and entering your social security number
o    Next, continue to the deposit page to display wire transfer or certified check/money order mailing instructions
o    Follow these steps, submit your deposit through your financial institution and refer to My Bid Deposits in your Bid4Assets "My Account" page for updates

o    For a video demonstration, check out How to Place a Deposit on the Wayne County Tax Sale

·         How can I become a seller on Bid4Assets?

o    To list an auction on Bid4Assets, you must be a registered user (See FAQ #1 for registration instructions)
o    Login to your Bid4Assets account and click “Sell” in the top navigation bar
o    First time sellers must complete the prompted identity verification process. You may also complete and return this form to
o    To create an auction, choose the “E-Z Lister” tool and fill in the relevant fields to complete your listing
o    Prior to releasing your auction, you may be required to submit proof of ownership documents to our Customer Service team
§  In order to expedite the process, you may fax a copy of your proof to (301) 650-9194. Please include a cover letter referencing the auction ID(s)

·         Does Bid4Assets offer insurance to protect buyers’ payment?

o    We do not offer any type of buyers insurance, but encourage users to perform property research and due diligence prior to bidding
o    All Bid4Assets sellers have passed an identity verification test, and may be required to provide proof of ownership documents prior to listing

·         When will my bid deposit be refunded?

o    Refund processing begins automatically at the close of the auction
o    In accordance with our Terms of Service, refund checks will be mailed within 10 business days of the auction close
o    You will receive a notification email when your refund check has been mailed

·         Can I really buy a house for $1 on Bid4Assets?

o    Auctions listed in our $1 No Reserve Homes category may have a final bid price of $1, but could carry additional buyer fees which are stated by the seller and vary by auction
o    Pay close attention to the seller's terms, closing costs and Buyer's Premium included in each auction to determine a final auction purchase price
o    Please be advised that some of these properties may carry liens, encumbrances or back taxes. Perform adequate due diligence prior to bidding

·         How long has Bid4Assets been in business and where is the company located?

o    Bid4Assets has been a trusted online auction venue for 13 years. The company was founded in 1999
o    Our offices are located in Silver Spring, MD, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

·         Can I bid on Bid4Assets without using a credit card?

o    In order to place a bid on non-government auctions, buyers must have a credit card on file. This minimizes non-performing bidders
o    Credit cards will only be charged if a bidder does not perform after winning an auction ($250 NPB fee)
o    Government auctions require bid deposits to be submitted prior to bidding, but do not require users to provide credit card information

·         Can Bid4Assets place a bid for me?

o    Bid4Assets is unable to manually place bids for customers over the phone or by email
o    Registered users who do not have access to the Bid4Assets website but are interested in participating in a County Tax Sale auction may use the offline bidding form found online or request one by sending an email to Please note that this service is only available for County Tax Sale auctions